May 2018: Mikeal Twengström, Patrik Henelius, and cooworkers have published a paper in Nature Communications, highlighted by the editor.

April 2018: Philipp Rybakov with co-authors from Germany, Russia and China published a Nature Nanotechnology article.

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October 2017: Anatoly Belonoshko is elected Fellow of American Physical Society.

February 2017: Nature Geoscience article published by A. Belonoshko et al. For an overview, see Daily Mail story. KTH runs news on this publication here.

February 2017: Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare awarded a grant to the research project "Phenomenological Neutrino Physics beyond the Standard Model" with Tommy Ohlsson as main applicant.

December 2016: NordForsk awarded a grant to an internordic collaboration on magnetism and neutrons headed by P. Henelius.

December 2016: Egor Babaev chaired panel discussion of 2016 Nobel prize in Physics on topological states of matter. A video recording is available. The department has a vigorous research program in the field of this years prize.

November 2016: Professor Manfred Lindner, director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, has been awarded the title of honorary doctor at KTH.

April 2016: Letter article in Europhysics Letters by Tommy Ohlsson: Non-Hermitian neutrino oscillations in matter with PT symmetric Hamiltonians.

Januari 2016: Refrustration and competing orders in the prototypical Dy2Ti2O7 spin ice material by P. Henelius et al. was selected for the PRB Kaleidoscope.

December 2015: Stella Riad and Jessica Elevant have appeared on a Swedish national television program about the Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 for the discovery of neutrino oscillations.

November 2015: M. Silaev, E. V. Thuneberg, and M. Fogelström published a PRL, Lifshitz Transition in the Double-Core Vortex in 3He-B.

October 2015: Tommy Ohlsson and Mattias Blennow have been interviewed by KTH News (in Swedish) about the Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 for the discovery of neutrino oscillations.

August 2015: The department team at "Bellmanstafetten 2015
(from left to right: Per Moosavi, Olle Edholm, Mikael Twengstöm, Juan Carlos Andresen, Jie FU).

April 2015: M. Silaev, et al. published a PRL, Long-Range Spin Accumulation from Heat Injection in Mesoscopic Superconductors with Zeeman Splitting, showing theoretically how heat is efficiently converted to an accumulation of spin in magnetic superconductors.

March 2015: Egor Babaev wins the 2015 Göran Gustafsson prize in physics. Egor recieves Gustafsson price.
Foto: Markus Marcetic, © Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien

March 2015: Hannes Meier defended his PhD thesis.

December 2014: Johan Carlstrom receives a prestigeous postdoctoral fellowship from Wenner-Gren foundation to pursue research on strongly correlated fermionic systems in the USA.

November 2014: On MareNostrum @ BSC, Spain, with 50 million core hours, went to the project entitled EGOIST - Endogenic oil synthesis in the deep Earth interor: ab initio molecular dynamic simulation, led by Prof. Anatoly Belonoshko of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

October 2014: Review article in Nature Communications by Tommy Ohlsson and Shun Zhou: Renormalization group running of neutrino parameters.

September 2014: Recent paper by Johan Carlstrom and Egor Babaev predicting possibility of enthropically-induced superfluid states has been highlighted as Editor's suggestion in Physical Review Letters and was selected for a research highlight in Nature Physics.

April 2014: Egor Babaev has been appointed as editorial board member of Nature Scientific Reports.

April 2014: Mattias Blennow has been awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize to Young Researchers 2014.

January 2014: Tommy Ohlsson has been appointed Coordinating Editor of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nuclear Physics B.

December 2013: Egor Babaev was awarded a grant for distinguished young researchers from VR.

October 2013: The master program in engineering physics at KTH got the highest rating very high quality by the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ).

October 2013: Stella Riad has won the "Naturvetarpriset" for the best master thesis in physics from the year 2012 in Sweden.

September 2013: Science paper by M. Nyblom, H. Poulsen, P. Gourdon, L. Reinhard, M. Andersson, E. Lindahl, N. Fedosova, and P. Nissen: Crystal Structure of Na+, K+-ATPase in the Na+-Bound State.

March 2013: Review article in Advances in High Energy Physics by Mattias Blennow and Alexei Yu. Smirnov: Neutrino Propagation in Matter.

March 2013: Anatoly Belonoshko declared APS Outstanding Referee.

March 2013: Review article in Reports on Progress in Physics by Tommy Ohlsson: Status of non-standard neutrino interactions.

January 2013: Tommy Ohlsson has been elected for a four-year term to arXiv's Member Advisory Board as one of eight voting members.

November 2012: Nature Physics letter Patrik Henelius, et al. Evidence of impurity and boundary effects on magnetic monopole dynamics in spin ice.

September 2012: Feature in Physics World by Henrik Melbéus and Tommy Ohlsson: Delving into extra dimensions.

August 2012: Paper in "Communications in Mathematical Physics" by Jonas de Woul and Edwin Langmann: Exact Solution of a 2D Interacting Fermion Model

August 2012: Nature Physics paper by Alexander Merle and Tommy Ohlsson, Dark matter: Supersymmetry wimps out?

June 2012: Reviews of Modern Physics paper by Göran Grimvall, Blanka Magyari Köpe, Vidvuds Ozolins and Kristin A Persson, Lattice instabilities in metallic elements.

June 2012: Andreas Andersson defended his PhD thesis.

May 2012: Nature Communications article by Anders Biltmo and Patrik Henelius, Unreachable glass transition in dilute dipolar magnet

May 2012: Patrik Henelius elected Teacher of the Year by physics students.

May 2012: PNAS paper from Lindahlgroup Tracking a complete voltage-sensor cycle with metal-ion bridges (perspective).

May 2012: Henrik Melbéus defended his PhD thesis.

Feb 2012: Sofia Sivertsson defended her PhD thesis.

Jan 2012: Egor Babaev and Mats Wallin named APS Outstanding Referees.

Jan 2012: Nature paper by Erik Lindahl et. al: Molecular recognition of a single sphingolipid species by a protein’s transmembrane domain

Jan 2012: Physical Review Letters paper by Hannes Meier and Mats Wallin: Quantum Critical Dynamics Simulation of Dirty Boson Systems

Dec 2011: Erik Brandt defended his PhD thesis and left for a postdoc at UCSB.

Dec 2011: Jonas de Woul defended his PhD thesis.

Nov 2011: Physical Review Letters paper by Julien Garaud, Johan Carlström, and Egor Babaev: Topological Solitons in Three-Band Superconductors with Broken Time Reversal Symmetry

Sep 2011: Textbook by Tommy Ohlsson published at Cambridge University Press: Relativistic Quantum Physics - From Advanced Quantum Mechanics to Introductory Quantum Field Theory