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5A1383 Analytical Mechanics and Classical Field Theory - Tutorials - Spring 2007

Next tutorial: Wednesday February 14, 8-10 in room FB55

Upcoming tutorials:
Friday February 23, 15-17 in room FB55
Thursday March 1, 13-15 in room FB52
Monday March 19, 8-10 in room FB55

Tutorial 1: Thursday January 18 2007
I was ill and the tutorial was given by Martin Hallnäs. Martin writes:
We started by discussing the separation of the center of mass and relative motions (section 1.7.1 of the course book) and deriving Newton's equations in polar coordinates. We then treated Kepler's problem (section 1.7.2 of the course book) and finally we solved the first part of Problem 1.14 and shortly discussed the other two parts.

Because of the small number of students, the remainder of the tutorials will be held in the form of problem workshops where the students are encouraged to solve problems themselves. I will be available to answer questions and give guidance for the solutions of the problems. Relevant problems will be posted on the course homepage by Edwin.
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Last updated: Feb 7, 2007