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SI1140 Mathematical Methods in Physics
Lecturer and examiner: 2014-2017

SI1142 Mathematical Methods in Physics, additional course
Lecturer and examiner: 2014-2017

SI2371 Special Relativity
Lecturer and examiner: 2013-2016

SI2410 Quantum Field Theory
Teacher and examiner: 2012-2016, 2018

SI2380 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Teaching assistant: 2013

SI2400 Theoretical Particle Physics
Seminar leader: 2013

SI2350 Seminar Course in Theoretical Physics
Seminar leader and course responsible: 2007

5A1383 Analytical Mechanics and Classical Field Theory
Teaching assistant: 2007

5A1306 Mathematical Methods in Physics
Teaching assistant: 2006

5A1326 Theory of Relativity
Teaching assistant: 2004-2006

5A1305 Mathematical Methods in Physics
Teaching assistant: 2004, 2005

Author of course literature:
I have authored one textbook: Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering

I am also a co-author of the compendium Tensoranalys which is used as course literature in the tensor analysis part of 5A1305 Mathematical methods of physics and as complementary reading to 5A1326 Theory of Relativity. Here is a link to the known missprints of the 2004 edition (in swedish).
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Last updated: Sep 14, 2018